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Flawless people 50/50: Matthew Gray Gubler

My family still knows I’m an idiot, thank god.”
- Matthew Gray Gubler

Flawless people 49/50: Holland Roden

“I eat healthy, but people correlate eating healthy with thinness. In reality they don’t have a lot to do with one another. You can be skinny but not healthy.”
- Holland Roden

Flawless people 48/50: Martin Freeman

“In London we give ourselves a pat on the back, rightly, for not killing one another, for our prejudice being subtle rather than lethal.”
- Martin Freeman

Flawless people 47/50: Matthew MacFadyen

“Nobody’s just arrogant. I’ve met people who are embattled and dismissive, but when you get to know them, you find that they’re vulnerable - that that hauteur or standoffishiness is because they’re pedaling furiously underneath.”
- Matthew MacFadyen

Flawless people 46/50: Gina Torres

“It’s a throwback to see women still in these subservient roles. They were part of the future, which was nice, but they were still getting coffee.”
- Gina Torres

Flawless people 45/50: Nathan Fillion

“The truth is I’m a dork. I collected comics. I still love cartoons. I’d rather be at home on a Friday night than out at some club… My sense of humor is that of a geek. My likes and dislikes are that of a geek. I’ve memorized every crappy sci-fi movie there is, but still haven’t seen Schindler’s List.”
- Nathan Fillion

Flawless people 44/50: Felicia Day

“We defy celebs, which is ridiculous. They’re just humans who have teams of people to make them look awesome.”
- Felicia Day

Flawless people 43/50: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“There’s something liberating about watching someone not following the rules.”
- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Flawless people 41/50: Summer Glau

“Lying about anything is the cruelest thing in the world you could ever do. Be who you are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. It never works.”
- Summer Glau

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